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250g AU$18 / 1kg AU$55

Sitio Monte Alegre is a 30-hectare coffee farm owned by Glycia Emerenciana Pereira Carneiro and this lot separation of the Acaià varietal was included in the 2018 Carmo Best cup, an event we were lucky enough to help judge and attend in October. 


Glycia is very tuned-in to the environmental health not only of her farm but also of the surrounding area, and she has set up areas of her land as native-forest preservation areas. Selective picking is employed at Sitio Monte Alegre, and the coffee is placed in bags the same day it's harvested and delivered to the processing center.

Acaiá is a natural mutation of the Mundo Novo (itself a Typica and Bourbon hybrid). It has adapted well to the Brazilian climate and growing conditions, and it seems to do less well when tried in other areas. The variety seems to prosper better at or above 800 metres above sea level. The tree develops in a triangular shape which enables it to capture sun homogeneously. 

Producer: Glycia Emerenciana Pereira Carneiro

Farm: Sitio Monte Alegre

Region: Carmo de Minas

Varietal: Acaià
Process: Pulped Natural

Altitude: 960-1200 masl

Sitio Monte Alegre