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French press coffee is big and bold, yet quite elegant as it can reveal beautiful subtleties in coffee. This seldom used brewing method is often criticised for producing dirty, dry bitter coffee. But if you’ve got fresh roasted coffee and follow the right steps, the French press can really earn its place on the counter in any home or coffee bar.


What you need.

French press, gram scale, timer, whole beans, grinder, filtered water and your favourite mug.

Step 1:

Weigh out and grind 15g of coffee. (French press calls for a quite course grind so it should resemble course sand.)

Step 2:

Bring 350ml of filtered water to the boil and pour 100ml into your French press to pre-heat. Set aside the remaining 250ml for approximately 45 seconds to reach the desired brewing temperature, which is 94-96 degrees.

Step 3:

Empty water out of the French press. Place your ground coffee inside and then pour in the remaining 250ml of water, wetting all of the coffee. Give the coffee two full stirs with either a bamboo paddle or chopstick (you don’t want to crack the glass using a spoon).

Step 4:

Place the plunger on top, and press down the mesh screen so it sits just above the water. Start your timer for four minutes.

Step 5:

Slowly press the plunger down to the bottom. If it’s hard to press, it means your grind is too fine; if falls to rapidly, your grind is too coarse.

Now it's time to enjoy



If you find you’d like a little more body in your coffee, increase coffee dose to 20g. To make coffee in a larger or smaller French press, just follow this simple brew ratio: 60g coffee to every 1 litre of water.

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