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This rather strange apparatus was conceived by the folks who brought us the Aerobie flying disc in the 1980’s. The AeroPress is extremely durable and easily portable, making it a great option for both travellers and home users. It produces a beautiful, full bodied brew, while still allowing all the more subtle qualities of the coffee to shine through.

What you need:

AeroPress, gram scale, timer, filtered water, grinder, whole beans and your favourite mug

Step 1:

Step 2:

Bring to a boil about 400 grams of water enough to fill both the AeroPress and your mug.

Place a paper filter inside the detachable plastic cap.

Step 3:

Weigh out and grind 15 grams of coffee. You want a fine grind for Aeropress - just a little finer than you would for a Pourover/ V60 or as coarse as table salt.

Step 4:

Assemble the AeroPress by pushing the rubber end of the narrower vessel into the wider vessel so it sits inside, just below the number 4 mark. Residual moisture in the Aeropress can affect the seal, so make sure it’s all dry.

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