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Colombia. Alberizon Prada - Washed Geisha

Producer: Alberizon Prada Devia

Farm: Finca Tres Esquinas

Region: Bilbao, Tolima

Process: Washed

Varietal: Geisha

Altitude: 1750 masl


This is Aberizon's first harvest from his Geisha tree's, with the entire harvest yielding only one 35kg bag which we were lucky enough to snap up through our green partner Caravela Coffee. 


Alberizon Prada, owner of Finca Tres Esquinas, grew up with coffee. His parents were coffee growers, and he was raised in and among the coffee trees. Today, he works on his own farm with his wife, applying everything that he learned from his parents to produce specialty coffee. For Albeirzon and his family, high quality coffee means aiming to have fewer bean defects caused by actions on his farm. He achieves this by focusing on specialized tree care, picking only mature cherries, better post harvest techniques and investing back into his farm infrastructure. They plan to increase the quantity of available coffee, while also increasing the quality of what they harvest. 


Geisha is a coffee arabica varietal that is capable of outstanding cup quality. It originates from Ethiopia originally, which was coffee that was taken in 1931 by the British and subsequently planted in Panama from the 1960's for its resistance to coffee leaf rust but was not well favoured by farmers who found the trees fragile and low yielding. Geisha became famous in 2004 when a farm in Panama (Hacienda Esmerelda)( broke the auction record of US$20/lb for a coffee. From there, Geisha started to be renknowed for its intoxicatingly floral aroma, superb sweetness and bright, clean acidity and of course it's price! Today, Geisha has spread further a field into Central & South America incentivizing farmers hoping to grow this varietal to reach its quality potential which can deliver higher cup scores and thus high prices.



Colombia. Alberizon Prada - Washed Geisha

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