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Colombia. Rafael Amaya EF Pink Bourbon

Farm: La Montaña

Region: Timana, Huila

Process: 100hr Extended Fermentation

Varietal: Pink Bourbon

Altitude: 1750 - 1850 masl


This exceptional coffee was produced in Timana, Huila by Rafael Amaya - a producer whose been taking very unique and innovative steps in processing and fermenting his coffee to alter the flavour profile. This was a coffee that greatly stood out to us on a blind cupping on a recent trip to Colombia in July with sourcing partners Cofinet.


Rafael decided to plant the Pink Bourbon varietal only three years ago and this particular lot is the first harvest he's had from this newly famed Colombian coffee varietal. A natural mutation from the Huila region, the Pink Bourbon varietal not only tastes exceptional with big floral notes and a super sweet & clean profile but is also very resistant to leaf rust - a major problem in Colombia & Central America. Rafael has been experimenting madly with increasing the fermenting times of his coffee in the past few years and has learnt a great deal on what it takes to produce exceptional coffee with longer fermentation times.


This particular lot was fermented as whole cherry for 50 hours then de-pulped of its skin and fermented for a further 50 hours. Afterwards, these beautiful Pink Bourbons are laid out on raised beds to dry to ideal moisture content. A super sweet & floral coffee loaded with apricot, passionfruit & the smell of blossoming orange trees.


Colombia. Rafael Amaya EF Pink Bourbon

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