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El Mirador | Guatemala | Espresso

We Nitrogen Flush all of our coffee when bagging for an inert shelf stable environment by locking freshness inside for up to 6 weeks prior to opening


Farm: Finca El Mirador

Producer: Vidal Perez Ambrocio

Region: Sipacapa, San Marcos

Varietal: Caturra

Process: Washed

Altitude: 1600 - 1800 masl


Vidal Pérez Ambrocio owns the roughly 1.5-hectare farm called El Mirador, where he grows coffee in the view of the town of Sipacapa. The coffee here is picked ripe and depulped the same day, then fermented for 12–18 hours before being washed clean of mucilage.


It is dried on concrete patios or sometimes on Nylon, and the drying time varies based on the weather but typically takes 4–6 days.


Vidal has a strong interest in environmental concerns and is careful to practice soil conservation techniques and to process his gray water appropriately.

El Mirador | Guatemala | Espresso

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