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El Salvador. Jaime Guevara

Farm: Finca Don Jaime

Region: Las Tablas, Santa Rosa, San Ignacio, Chalatenango

Process: Honey

Varietal: Pacas

Altitude: 1450–1600 masl


Finca Don Jaime is named for its owner, Jaime Guevara, who grows about 3,000 trees per manzana on 6 manzanas of land. (That's around 18,000 total trees, a combination of Pacamara, Pacas, SL-28, and Gesha varieties.) Jaime has worked in coffee for 15 years, after asking his father how to grow and produce it. Don Jaime's son told his father, "Dad, when you die, I am going to plant a coffee tree on top of you"—and Jaime takes it as a compliment!

Don Jaime processes his coffee as both Washed and Honey: The Washed lots are picked and depulped, then fermented for 18–20 hours before being washed laid on raised beds and dried for 16 days, during which time it's rotated every hour. The Honeys are dried for around 28 or 29 days, and are also rotated hourly until they are done.

The production on Finca Don Jaime is about 1600 quintales, though the farm struggles with coffee-leaf rust. (It gives Jaime Guevara nightmares.) Despite the issues with disease, Don Jaime says that growing coffee "is my life, it's exactly what I want to do." He loves to be at his farm, and while he has had many jobs in his life, coffee is what makes him happiest.


Credit: Cafe Imports




El Salvador. Jaime Guevara

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