Emilio Lopez Diaz | Producer Pack | Filter

Emilio Lopez Diaz | Producer Pack | Filter

3 incredible coffees from Emilio Lopez Diaz - 2018 1st & 2nd Place Cup of Excellence El Salvador.


We Nitrogen Flush all of our coffee when bagging for an inert shelf stable environment by locking freshness inside for up to 6 weeks prior to opening.


Included in this epic pack are 3 x 250g Bags - one each of these gorgeous, unique coffees. 

La Cumbre | Geisha Washed

La Cumbre | SL-28 Natural 

El Manzano | Orange Bourbon Natural


We are showcasing some incredible coffee from a partner producer of ours from Santa Ana in El Salvador - Emilio Lopez Diaz. Emilio owns three farms in the area La Cumbre & El Manzano occupying the higher altitudes with Finca Ayutepeque in the lower regions. Emilio's state of the art mill at El Manzano processes all of his microlots which are in high demand from around the world, especially after Emilio won 1 & 2nd place in the 2018 Cup of Excellence for El Salvador.


We've been buying from a relatively newer farm project of Emilio's - Finca Ayutepeque for the past 3 years, a coffee that shines in our Profiler Blend and this year we commited to a wide variety of micro-lots from El Manzano & La Cumbre and truly reap the rewards in the cup of his meticulous approach. Emilio is a strong innovator in his processing techniques utilising stainless steel vats for his washed fermentation coffees.