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Grace Morales - Finca Cruz Loma. Ecuador

Producer: Grace Morales Flores

Farm: Finca Cruz Loma

Region: San Jose de Minas, Pichincha

Process: Semi Washed

Varietal: Caturra

Altitude: 1500 masl


50 years ago, there were no streets or roads to this farm. People could only access the area walking or on horse. There were two routes, that still exist today, that crossed the summit and in doing so formed a cross which can be seen from far away and this is where Grace’s grandfather got the name for the farm. Even when Grace’s father took over there were still no suitable roads for transporting heavy goods. He wanted to mechanize various processes on his land but had no way to transport machines of the size he required. He began to study mechanics and eventual had the machinery brought up in small pieces and then put them together again on the farm. Because of his dedication, this farm was the first in the region to have some mechanised processes.


The farm is surrounded by virgin jungle, home to a large number of species which can be seen as you wonder across the land. Coffee is not the only thing grown here, the farm is 350 hectares in total with coffee making up less than 2%. The farm also produces many other fruits and vegetables for sale and export. It is a special place for the entire extended family who used it as a hub for get-togethers and holidays.


Today on the farm, Grace carries out natural and washed processes. For Grace, processing her coffee in different ways is important as it allows her to offer profiles for various tastes. She is passionate about high quality food products and wants to offer something really special. Grace works mainly with her brother but as it is a family farm everyone comes together to help when needed. Grace and Bryan are new to coffee production having planted their trees only three years ago. After much excited waiting they have now had their first proper harvest.

Grace Morales - Finca Cruz Loma. Ecuador

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