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Honduras. Wilmer Figueroa

Farm: Finca La Mandarina

Region: Las Vegas, Santa Barbara

Process: Washed

Varietal: Bourbon & Pacas

Altitude: 1600 masl


Wilmer’s father used to have a farm, but he didn’t initially grow coffee. However, his neighbour did have some coffee trees and one day, Wilmer’s father asked his neighbour if he could give him some of the smaller trees that he had under his big Bourbon trees as he was interested in trying to grow some coffee. These small trees grew under the Bourbon trees that dropped their overripe cherries which had not been harvested. Wilmer and his father took the small Bourbon trees and planted them on their own farm and this was when coffee started playing a role in Wilmer’s life.


Wilmer would always help his father with anything that he needed. As he grew older, his father gave him and his brothers a small piece of land from the farm to start managing and producing coffee by themselves. When he was not working on his own farm, Wilmer would go to his brothers’ farms to help them out and vice versa. Wilmer’s brothers had been producing specialty coffee for a while on their farms and three years ago Wilmer decided to do the same. With the help of his brothers he learned how to improve his practices to start producing specialty coffee. Since then, he has been working on his infrastructure and his processes to achieve better cup quality.

Honduras. Wilmer Figueroa

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