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José Gómez Geisha | Filter

Producer: José Ignacio Gómez 

Farm: Finca El Paraíso

Region: Buesaco, Nariño

Process: Washed

Varietal: Geisha

Altitude: 1900 masl


Coffee has played an important role in the life of José Ignacio Gómez. His father was a lifelong farmer dedicated to the production of coffee. At a young age, José remembers helping his father on the farm and it was there that he learned a lot of what he knows about coffee production. In 2002, looking to challenger himself, José Ignacio decided to purchase a farm and started producing coffee on his own. He started off producing conventional coffees but 9 years after beginning his venture he was forced to look for alternatives that would offer him and his family better prices, as conventional coffees were no longer economically viable to produce. José started to produce specialty coffee, but he didn’t want to do it half-heartedly. Not only did he begin learning about the production side of things, but he also learned how to cup and analyze his own coffee, trying to understand how changes on the farm would affect his coffee profile.


The year José started producing specialty coffee, he noticed that he and many producers in the region were producing some excellent coffees and wanted to receive fair and proper recognition for their hard work. So, in June 2012, Jose Ignacio, together with other 24 coffee growers in Buesaco, founded the Cooperativa de Cafés Especiales de Nariño with the objective of finding real value for their coffees.


For José Ignacio, Finca El Paraíso and the coffee produced there is special because of the farm landscapes and biodiversity, but more than that, it’s the processes and care taken every step of the way. José Ignacio is always experimenting with new ideas and practices, always looking to achieve the cleanest coffee that he can while at the same time taking care of the environment. In the short term, he plans to continue experimenting with his fermentation techniques to achieve better quality coffees, with more interesting profiles.

José Gómez Geisha | Filter

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