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La Cumbre | Geisha Natural | El Salvador

We Nitrogen Flush all of our coffee when bagging for an inert shelf stable environment by locking freshness inside for up to 6 weeks prior to opening.


Producer: Emilio Lopez Diaz

Farm: La Cumbre

Mill: El Manzano

Region: Santa Ana, Apaneca-Illamatepec

Process: Natural

Varietal: Geisha

Altitude: 1500 - 1550 masl


Emilio Lopez Diaz is a truly special coffee producer from a family that has grown coffee for six generations in the rich volcanic soil of Santa Ana. Today, Emilio overseas a vertically integrated operation with multiple farms and export operations in El Salvador & Brazil as well as roasting and cafe operations in the United States. In 2018, Emilio won 1st & 2nd place in the Cup Of Excellence El Salvador in his first ever entry! 


We've been buying from a relatively newer farm project of Emilio's - Finca Ayutepeque for the past 4 years, a coffee that shines in our Profiler Blend and this year we commited to a wide variety of micro-lots from El Manzano and truly reap the rewards in the cup of his meticulous approach. Emilio is a strong innovator in his processing techniques utilising stainless steel vats for his washed fermentation coffees. This Washed Geisha lot showcases what the variety is famous for with a stonefruit sweetness, vibrant citrus acidity and huge floral aromas. Emilio also grows a wide varietal of otehr exotic varietals including  SL-28, Orange Bourbon, Yellow Bourbon, Catuai, Ethiopian sourced varietals & Pacamara. 


Geisha is a coffee arabica varietal that is capable of outstanding cup quality. It originates from Ethiopia originally, which was coffee that was taken in 1931 by the British and subsequently planted in Panama from the 1960's for its resistance to coffee leaf rust but was not well favoured by farmers who found the trees fragile and low yielding. Geisha became famous in 2004 when a farm in Panama (Hacienda Esmerelda)( broke the auction record of US$20/lb for a coffee. From there, Geisha started to be renknowed for its intoxicatingly floral aroma, superb sweetness and bright, clean acidity and of course it's price! Today, Geisha has spread further a field into Central & South America incentivizing farmers hoping to grow this varietal to reach its quality potential which can deliver higher cup scores and thus high prices.

La Cumbre | Geisha Natural | El Salvador

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