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Las Colinas. Nicaragua

Producers: Alba Luz Herrera López & Alberto Javier Ramos Gutiérrez

Dried at: El Beneficio La Estrella.

Region: Mozonte, Nueva Segovia

Process: Washed - 10-24 hours wet fermentation in concrete tanks

Varietal: Caturra

Altitude: 1600 masl


Two producers from Mozonte make up Las Colinas coffee - Alba Luz Herrera López & Alberto Javier Ramos Gutiérrez who both have small farms just 9km from our partenr Caravela Coffee's Beneficio La Estrella. For this lot, both Alba & Alberto pick their Caturra harvest separtely from their other varietals and process the cherry as a traditional washed profile at their own micro mills omn farm. The wet parchment coffee is then delivered to La Estrella for drying on the shaded raised beds where they are turned often. This practice results in less capital investment on each farm by pooling the expensive resources and labour required for meticulous drying.


Mozonte as a region is well known for the quality of its coffee due to the altitude and the many generations of coffee families that have worked there. The people of this region have close ties to the original indigenous population and are known to be humble and kind. Farms here receive 1500 to 1800 mm of rainfall per year and Mozonte’s micro-climate is perfect for cultivating natural shading plants and trees including: Guayaba, cuajinicuil, and pines. Caravela began forming relationships in this region in 2012 and installed a drying facility and quality lab in 2013, allowing them to be closer to these producers to help them improve their quality year after year.

Las Colinas. Nicaragua

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