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LeverPresso Espresso Maker Bundle v3

The Leverpresso Espresso Maker Bundle, featuring the Leverpresso Stand, is an incredible simple and affordable way to brew espresso at home or on the road. It features a super compact design that folds in on itself and internally stow's all parts for transport means its a great espresso maker away from home. When at home the included stand easily allows you to slide your vessel of choice under the brewer.


The Leverpresso’s sturdy steel double-sided arms are easy for anyone to use, and still generate up to 9 bars of pressure that remains steady throughout the brewing cycle. Simple to load separate steel non-pressurised filter basket, holds 17g of espresso ground coffee and attaches to the main body with increased air-lock so no pressure is lost during the brewing. The plastic water chamber also helps minimise the heat loss of the water. 


The device is built from some of the most durable materials used for food products: Titan plastic, stainless steel, and other BPA-Free plastics. This extra strength brings the weight to 440g, but the compact size still makes it a great option for the true travel espresso machine.


Recommended Recipe: 

  • Pre-Heat chamber with hot water prior to filling with brew water.
  • 17g of coffee, fill chamber with 65g of water to yield a double espresso of 40-45g



  • 1x LeverPresso Espresso Maker
  • Spare o-ring seal
  • Coffee doser cup (doubles as tamper)
  • Cup (also stows components in transport)
  • Leverpresso Stand



  • Materials BPA-Free Tritan Plastic, Stainless Steel, Silicone
  • Max Water Capacity 120ml
  • Portafilter Capacity 17g - Non-pressurised
  • Weight 440g
  • Dimensions 86mm x 70mm x 180mm


LeverPresso Espresso Maker Bundle v3

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