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Producer: Lucas German Melo Pinchao

Farm: Finca El Cairo

Region: Consaca, Nariño

Process: Washed

Varietal: Variedad Colombia F6

Altitude: 2300 masl


Lucas Melo is not an average Colombian coffee grower. He was called crazy because he decided to plant coffee at 2,300 masl on his farm Finca El Cairo in the lush area highlands of Consaco in Colombia's Nariño department. He doesn't apply a single gram of chemical fertilizer to his coffee trees, only applying organic compost and insists on washing all the coffee himself. 


Lucas has been rewarded for his efforts with multiple top 10 finishes in the ultra competitive Colombian Cup of Excellence including a 5th place finish in 2018. 


This washed processed lot is comprised of Variedad Colombia F6, a varietal with great cup quality and excellent resilience to leaf rust. The super high altitudes lead to lower production with often a higher concentration of sugars in the cherry and seeds inside which leads to a more complex tasting coffee with an especially vibrant acidity. 

Lucas Melo | Colombia | Filter

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