Lucas Melo - Finca El Cairo. Colombia

Lucas Melo - Finca El Cairo. Colombia

Producer: Lucas German Melo Pinchao

Farm: Finca El Cairo

Region: Consaca, Nariño

Process: Washed

Varietal: Caturra

Altitude: 2300 masl


Lucas Melo is not an average Colombian coffee grower. He was called crazy because he decided to plant coffee at 2,300 masl. He doesn't apply a single gram of chemical fertilizer to his 100k coffee trees, only applying organic compost. He insists on washing all his coffee himself. At around 2,300 meters above sea level in the department of Nariño, you can find El Cairo, the beautiful farm that belongs to Lucas Melo, a very passionate man with a fun sense of humour that is infectious. When Lucas was 53 years old, he achieved the second place in the Cup of Excellence. He jests that instead of having blood running through his veins, he has coffee! Lucas says he was practically born under a coffee tree; his parents were coffee growers and he grew up in the world of coffee. When his Lucas’ father passed away, he left a piece of land to each one of his sons and that was when Lucas decided to dedicate his life to coffee. When the coffee crisis arrived, and prices were impossibly low, Lucas’ wife begged him to sell the farm and leave the world of coffee. However, Lucas’ passion for coffee prevailed and he has since reaped the benefit of his dedication.


During harvest time, Lucas wakes up at 3 am to wash his coffee and take care of his cherries. For Lucas, his big secret is to cultivate his trees with love, to do things right, and to properly manage his farm.


This coffee is a fantastic display of how super high altitudes combined with excellent practices can really take a coffees flavour profile to a higher place!