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Miller Bustos | Pink Bourbon | Colombia | Filter

We Nitrogen Flush all of our coffee when bagging for an inert shelf stable environment by locking freshness inside for up to 6 weeks prior to opening


Producer:  Miller Bustos

Farm: Finca El Mirador

Region: Bolivar, Acevedo, Huila

Varietal: Pink Bourbon

Process: Washed

Altitude: 1460 masl


Miller Bustos owns a 3-hectare farm planted entirely with coffee, primarily the famed Pink Bourbon varietal. The coffee is picked ripe when the cherries turn a dark orange or pink color, then they are given what is called a "double" fermentation: The cherries rest in a hopper for 14 hours, then they are depulped and fermented in a tank for 36 hours. The coffee is washed two or three times before being spread in parabolic driers for up to 20 days.


In recent years, the Colombian born varietal Pink Bourbon has been making waves throughout the country with its excellent cup quality combined with the producer friendly traits of being more resistant to leaf rust than traditional Bourbon or Caturra varieties whilst yielding more cherries per tree. With good farming and post harvest processing, Pink Bourbon lots typically secure significantly higher prices for the producer due to their excellent quality & distinct flavor profile.

Miller Bustos | Pink Bourbon | Colombia | Filter

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