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We Nitrogen Flush all of our coffee when bagging for an inert shelf stable environment by locking freshness inside for up to 6 weeks prior to opening


Mill: Muburi Factory

Co-op: Rwama Coffee Farmers Society

Region: Gichugu, Kirinyaga

Varietal: SL-28, Ruiru 11

Process: Washed

Altitude: 1600 masl


Muburi is a washing station in the Gichugu district of Kenya's Kirinyaga county. The area surrounding it is layered with the beautiful red volcanic soil that helps infuse the coffee trees with all the mineral and organic goodness necessary for optimum production. It was established in 1964 and rests on a 7 acres piece of land serving 4 nearby villages.


The SL-28 varietal accounts for 99% of all coffee produced by Muburi while Ruiru 11 accounts for 1 % of all production. Muburi takes great care in the impact they have on their surrounding environment with proper treatment of the waste water the station uses and maintaining native trees and plaints in the area.


Demonstration plots are planted at the factory to reinforce the best practices taught throughout the year to contributing farmers. After picking, ripe cherry is brought to the factory where it is all processed in the washed style and laid out to dry on raised beds for between 7-15 days depending on the local weather conditions. 

Muburi AA | Kenya | Filter

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