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Nigusse Gemeda Mude | Ethiopia | Filter

We Nitrogen Flush all of our coffee when bagging for an inert shelf stable environment by locking freshness inside for up to 6 weeks prior to opening


Producer: Nigusse Gemeda Mude

Harvest Year: 2021 Crop

Region: Keramo Village, Bensa, Sidama

Varietal: Local Heriloom Cultivars

Process: Natural

Altitude:  2100 masl


Nigusse Gemeda Mude made headlines last year by winning the inaugural Ethiopian Cup of Excellence competition with a naturally processed lot scoring 91.04 and we feel privileged to be able to secure his naturally processed coffee from this years harvest.


Nigusse produces around 15 tonnes of red cherry annually, which he dries naturally on African raised beds. He has partnered with Testi Coffee who also own and operate mills in the area to export his coffee and help him achieve the best prices the specialty market has to offer for his coffee.


Nigusse’s farm lies in Keramo community, part of Sidama’s Bensa district, just inside the zone’s eastern border with the Harenna Forest National Park. This part of Sidama contains some of the zone’s highest farming elevations and coolest daily temperatures. 


Nigusse employs 30 people to complete a harvest, and with an elevation of 2100 meters, harvest is later and slower than many other farmers in Sidama. Red cherries are selected, and placed on a raised African bed to dry for 19 days. Keramo is situated in a very high altitude area which gives the complex coffee profile, the red cherry maturity period a lot longer than the usual Ethiopian coffee.


Nigusse Gemeda Mude | Ethiopia | Filter

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