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Otoniel Sagastume. Honduras

Producer: Otoniel Sagastume

Farm: Finca Los Robles

Region: Santa Barbara

Process: Washed

Varietal: Pacas

Altitude: 1500 masl


Coffee has been a key part of Otoniel’s life for as far back as he can remember. His father used to be a coffee producer and as Otoniel grew older, he taught him all about coffee production. He used to help his father with his daily tasks on the farm and always enjoyed helping him to de-pulp and wash the coffee. When Otoniel was 15 years old, he started his own small coffee farm, a piece of his father’s farm that he gave him to experiment on. Over the years, Otoniel slowly became more independent, putting into practice everything that his father taught him, and he soon took over everything. Today, he is very proud of Finca Los Robles because it is the result of his efforts, hard work, and dedication over many years. A large portion of the work on the farm is carried out by Otoniel and he is watching his story repeating, seeing his son help him on the farm, to hopefully see him become a coffee grower on his own. For this reason, when his son is on holiday, he helps his father out on the farm.


In the year 2015, in the search for better prices and higher incomes, Otoniel decided to try and sell his coffee on the specialty coffee market. He always dreamed of seeing his children study, to offer them a good education and to improve the quality of his family’s life, so he decided the better option would be to go the extra mile to produce amazing high-quality coffees. In the short term, he also wants to grow Avocado to diversify his incomes.

Otoniel Sagastume. Honduras

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