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Riverdale Estate | Wild Red Plum | Espresso

Region: Shevaroys Hills, Yercaud, Southern India

Process: Natural 72hr Experimental Wild Red Plum Process

Varietal: SL9

Altitude: 1450 - 1700 masl


Riverdale Estate is a pioneering producer of speciality coffee in India - a farm where quality is priorotised at every level and in doing so helping to change the perception of how coffee from India is rerceived which is generally one of being inferior to coffees from East Africa & Latin America. We're pretty stoked to have secured such a unique, small and experimental lot and to embrace not only what Riverdale are doing but the potential of specialty Indian coffee as a whole.


Since 1920, Riverdale Estate has been a family owned business where three generations have worked to improve their coffee quality. Today, Prakashan Balaraman manages the farm and is a young passionate coffee farmer who challenges the traditional coffee growing & processing practices. 


The 'fruity naturals' approach to processing is an experimental method by where the ripe whole coffee cherries are floated 3 times to remove defects then fermented for 72 hours with the fruit being added througout this time. The cherries are then transferred on to raised beds to dry. We have secured three of these experimental fruity natural lots this year from Riverdale   - This Wild Red Plum lot along with a Watermelon and Pineapple processed lot. For these, all cherries are harvested from the same SL9 varietal growing at similar altitudes.

Riverdale Estate | Wild Red Plum | Espresso

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