Season's Best Blend

Season's Best Blend

We Nitrogen Flush all of our coffee when bagging for an inert shelf stable environment by locking freshness inside for up to 6 weeks prior to opening.


We source seasonal coffees from the most recent harvest that do justice to represent the character of where those coffees are from, yet strive for a coffee that excels as a sweet, balanced cup wether drank black or with milk. 


Current Components.


Colombia, Buesaco, Nariño

Washed Mixed Varietals

Sourced by Cofinet


Guatemala, Huehutenango -  El Mirador

Washed Mixed Varietals

Sourced by Caravela Coffee


Brazil,  Cerrado

Sitio Caliandra

Natural Catuai

Sourced by Cerrado Coffee Traders


    Size (whole beans only)