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Worka Sakaro | Natural | Ethiopia

Worka Sakaro | Natural | Ethiopia

We Nitrogen Flush all of our coffee when bagging for an inert shelf stable environment by locking freshness inside for up to 6 weeks prior to opening


Region: Worka-Sakaro, Gedeb District, Yirgacheffe

Varietal: Heirloom Varietals 

Process: Natural

Altitude: 1800 - 2000 masl


Worka Sakaro is a small locality in the Gedeb district close to Yirgacheffe, southern Ethiopia. Just a few kilometers to the east of Gedeb town, Worka Sakaro is a high-altitude location, and much of the surrounding area lies at an altitude of about 1800 - 2000 meters above sea level.


Today, most of the lush green hills in the area are home to many coffee trees, hiding under the protective canopy of large shade trees.